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Daffodil Bulb in Bloom

Our Story

How we started

     As an artist who always had a love of flowers and gardening, I was drawn to the daffodil because of its beauty and its thousands of different varieties.  I have always planted daffodils around my property and studio each fall. My gardens have been my inspiration for many of my paintings.  

     The subtle differences that distinguish one daffodil variety from another in this ancient flower have intrigued me, as well as the many forms and colors that daffodils can possess.      My desire to try many forms has led to my creation of a field of hundreds of daffodil varieties.  Among these plants, I constantly seek varieties that thrive here in the Mid-Atlantic region, which has hot and humid summers.  

     As certain varieties have thrived, I have propagated and divided them to produce more healthy bulbs.   I am now selling a limited selection of these locally grown bulbs that are acclimated to the Eastern shore.  I enjoy sharing my love of these plants with others who (after a cold, gray winter) wish to experience that burst of blooming color found in a daffodil.


                                                   – Sandy Strachan Buchanan

Daffodil blooming season
Daffodil Bulb Grower Flower Farm
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