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Oakwood Daffodils, Another Great Source for Bulbs, Will Offer Bulbs This Year. Get on Their List!

Read Jason Delaney's short article from the link at below about Oakwood Daffodils and though we sadly lost Dr. John Reed last year, his assistant, Julie Marshall, will be continuing to offer Dr Reed's bulbs for daffodil lovers to purchase this year. I myself, purchase new bulbs from Oakwood each year and have enjoyed the quality bulbs that are grown at Oakwood right here in the USA, in Michigan. Dr. Reed hybridized many new varieties of daffodils at his large Michigan farm, and offered many of his bulbs as well as a vast selection of other daffodils for sale each year. You will need to contact Julie to get on the Oakwood mailing list to be notified what daffodil bulbs will be available for ordering later in May 2021. I am so glad that Julie is continuing this valuable resource for daffodil growers and lovers.

"Memorial Day" 2 W-P, registered by Dr. Reed in 2012 and bulb from Oakwood Daffodils. Blooming at Flower Farm on Silva April 9, 2020.


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