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Daffodils Starting to Show in Mondo Grass

February 28, 2021

I plant a lot of daffodils in ground covers. I try to minimize having to pull weeds and the ground covers help so much with that! People ask me a lot about what to do about the dying down, daffodil leaves in their gardens after the blooms are over. Since the leaves are needed until they are no longer green and are done feeding next year's blooms, they do need to stay for a bit. After the blooms are over these daffodil leaves will just flop over in this patch of Mondo Grass, and when they are yellowed, I can cut them out, or if I let them dry and brown completely, they will easily just pull out. I find that having some browning daffodil leaves in my gardens for a bit is a small price to pay for the beauty of their blooms.


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