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A few of our Early March Bloomers at Flower Farm on Silva

I have been busy checking the rows for what is blooming, what is setting buds, and what needs to be thinned a bit and put on this year's sale listing. I hope you are enjoying your spring where you are as well! Here are some photos of what has been blooming for us.

(below) "Shimmer" 6 Y-O, an early bloomer aptly named for the visible "shimmer"

(below) "Lightning Fire" 2 O-R, an early, reliable favorite change of color from all the many yellow bloomers.

(below) "Orange Supreme" 2 W-O, another reliable early color variation.

(below) 'Capella Gold" 10 Y-Y, a small, yellow boomer whose whimsical form is always anticipated in early spring.


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